<ng-ais-stats />

The Stats component displays the total number of matching hits and the time it took to get them (time spent in the Algolia server).

You can use the directive <ng-template></ng-template> to customize the output:

  selector: 'my-app',
  template: `
      <ng-template let-state="state">
        {{stats.nbHits}} results found in {{stats.processingTimeMS}}ms.
export class AppComponent {}

The state object contains:

  • hitsPerPage The maximum number of hits per page returned by Algolia
  • nbHits The number of hits in the result set
  • nbPages The number of pages computed for the result set.
  • page The current page.
  • processingTimeMS The time taken to compute the results inside the Algolia engine.
  • query The query used for the current search.

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