<ng-ais-refinement-list />

The RefinementList component displays a list that let the end user choose multiple values for a specific facet.

Attributes Type Description
attribute string Name of the attribute for faceting (eg. "categories")
operator? "and" / "or" How to apply the refinements
limit? number How much facet values to get
showMoreLimit? number Bigger than limit if the component should display a button that will expand the number of items
showMoreLabel? string Label of the show more button
showLessLabel? string Label of the show less button
searchable? boolean True if the component should display an input to search for facet values
searchPlaceholder? string The label of the search input placeholder
sortBy? string[] / Function How to sort facet values
autoHideContainer? boolean Hides the refinement list if there's no item to display

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