<ng-ais-current-refinements />

The current refinements widget has two purposes:

  • give the user a synthetic view of the current filters.
  • give the user the ability to remove a filter.

This widget is usually in the top part of the search UI.

Attributes Type Description
attributes? {name: string, label: string} Label definitions for the different filters
onlyListedAttributes? boolean Only use the declared attributes. By default, the widget displays the refinements for the whole search state. If true, the list of attributes in attributes is used
clearRefinements? "before" / "after" / boolean Defines the clear all button position. By default, it is placed before the set of current filters. If the value is false, the button won’t be added in the widget
clearsQuery? boolean If true, the clear all button also clears the active search query.
clearRefinementsLabel? string Label used on the clear all button.
autoHideContainer? boolean Hides the widget if there's no refinements to display

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